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Unity center is pleased to offer Sunday school program to our children from Pre-K to level 7. This program is designed to provide our children with an environment where they can develop their Muslim identities,  connect to their community, learn the Islam fundamentals and develop a deep love to Allah and His Beloved Messenger. Such healthy environment will allow them to ask question freely and  help them respond to challenges they face on a daily basis through their peers  and media.  One of our goals is to develop our kids leaders skills and increase their commitment to their community.
The program has a comprehensive curriculum that covers different areas including Arabic, Islamic Studies, Hadith, Sunnah and Quran. That is besides the multiple interactive activities, games and fun tasks that they work on with their friends through the program.

 We have highly qualified teacher who  are Striving to achieve program goals.  We invite all community members to be part of our team.

Sr. Rasha Howlader

Sr. Rasha has been an active community member in Santa Clarita for the last 17 years. She graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. She has volunteered with Sunday School projects and led Youth Qiyam's with fellow peers at Unity Center during Ramadan. Last year she co-taught the Level 7 Discussion class to help young Muslim students gain confidence in their identity. She loves working with kids and building community.  

Sr. Salima Rahman

Sr.  Salima received her BS/MS in engineering and is Nuraniyah certified. She is also a part time student in the Zainab Center. She has been teaching at the UCSC since 2010, holding the positions of vice principle, principle, and teacher. She is also the coauthor of two published documents:  Salah and Tajweed. 

Sr. Sophia Johri

Sr. Sophia received her B.S. in Accounting and AA in Natural Science. She started teaching at the UCSC since 2015 and has been teaching Islamic Studies to our young Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

Sr. Fakhriya Awan

Sr. Fakhriya has her B.S. in Biology and is Nuraniyah certified. She has been teaching at the UCSC since 2004.

Sr. Huma Khan

Sr. Huma received her B.S. in Chemistry and has a diploma in Islamic studies from Darul Uloom, Bohpal. She has been teaching at the UCSC since 2004.

Sr. Nuzhat Imtiaz

Sr.Nuzhat 's undergrad is in Business studies with her MBA from Pepperdine University and she works as  a financial controller. She has a passion for the study of history overall and especially Islamic Studies. She has been volunteering at the Sunday School for close to 15 years and has held a variety of different positions during the time such as teacher, administrator, and principle.

Sr. Saeda Jaber

Sr. Saeda is a loving mother of five and has a passion for teaching. She is Nuraniyah certified and is studying to be a certified Qu'ran teacher at a school in Saudi Arabia called Al-Noor. Her goal is to teach proper pronunciation of the Arabic letters and to guide the kids to read with tajweed.

Sr. Rubika Tohme

Sr. Rubika received her  BA in Child Development and started teaching at the UCSC since 2015.

Sr. Ruksana Sharmin Hossain

Sr. Ruksana has her BS/MS in Public Administration from the Dhaka University , Bangladesh. She is a part time student in the Zainab Center and is Nuraniyah certified. She has been teaching at the UCSC since 2012.

Sr. Ambreen Ahmad

Sr. Ambreen is a currently a Qu'ran teacher and she studied psychology, education, and human behavioral science. After she graduated, she joined a Qu'ran academy in Lahore and learned tajweed, tafseer, and memorized the meaning of the Quran. She joined Sunday school when UCSC first started which was almost 16 years ago and has been teaching since then. She combines both her degrees and does sessions with high school and college students as well to guide them spiritually.

Sr. Bushra Aftab

Sr. Bushra received her MBA from Karachi University and completed the Qu'ran with tajweed from Madrasatul Banat Taleem Ul Islam, Karachi. She has been teaching Qu'ran in various Sunday Schools for three years and is passionate to serve our young Muslim children.

Sr. Lutfun Nahar

Sr. Lutfun received her BA in Psychology and is a part time student at the Zainab Center. She is also Nuraniyah certified and started teaching at the UCSC since 2004.

Sr. Samina Iqbal

Sr. Samina received her Bachelor's in Economics/Science and Bachelors in Education both from Pakistan. She began teaching at the UCSC since 2006.

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