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Virtual Sunday School Program

Goals: Our goal at Sunday School is to create an environment for our students to develop a confident American Muslim identity based on Islamic principles in their daily lives. We will nurture the growth of strong leaders with noble character using prophetic examples. We will foster a connection between the students and their masjid. We will inspire their commitment to God, society, and the environment through the understandings of the Five Pillars of Islam. We will provide a safe and culturally competent space to assess the needs of our Ummah.


Vision: Imparting Islamic knowledge based upon the Qur’an and the Sunnah, so our children become practicing Muslims and engaged citizens in a friendly and caring environment.

Objectives: To introduce Islamic Character to the students.


1. Qur’anic Studies:

  • Arabic Leading to the reading of Qur’an (The student will learn the Arabic Alphabets with its sound, spelling, connecting letters, reading words and sentences).

  • Reading, Understanding, and Application of selected Aayat from the Qur’an.

  • Studying selected Surahs with emphases on understanding.


2. Islamic Studies:

  • Salah, Adhan, Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), Prophets’ Stories, Sahabas' Stories, Akhlaq & Adaab/Morals & Manners, Five Pillars of Islam and Six Pillars of Faith.

  • Hands on projects, where the students can apply creative & critical thinking.

If you are interested for your son or daughter to join Sunday School or have questions  please email

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